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Help Save Awbrey Butte

The fight to right-size, not oversize development continues

Compass Corner Development is too big to fit

A 4-story, 40-unit, 49,000 square foot mixed-use building in a 1-acre plot is not reasonable development.

  • Will become one of the most densely populated places in Bend, per square foot of land
  • Will be one of the tallest buildings on Awbrey Butte, visible from 10 miles away
  • Will be significantly taller than every single-family home in the surrounding neighborhood
  • Will add hundreds of new vehicular trips per day - in a residential neighborhood
  • Will significantly increase traffic and delays at the intersections at NW Mt. Washington, Awbrey Rd & N. Hwy 97
  • Will not be affordable housing – developer is seeking above market rates for housing units

Bad Development Impacts Everyone

The tranquil, residential area around Compass Corner will soon be overshadowed by a 4-story 40-unit, 49,000-square-foot mixed-use for-profit building.

Is this what progress looks like on Awbrey Butte?



Learn more about what we’re up against, and what you can do to help.

A private investment group is proposing an oversized 4-story, 40-unit, 49,000-square-foot mixed-use commercial and residential building on a small, 1-acre lot known as Compass Corner (on the corner of NW Mt Washington Drive and Awbrey Road).


This tower will greatly exceed the height of surrounding homes and will be one of the densest development in Bend. It is unlike any other development on the entire Butte. It is so oversized that it will be visible from Redmond.


Does Bend and the Butte really need this kind of super-sized development?

The submission is still under review, and can be approved upon appeal. Stay tuned and vigilant.

This towering building will significantly increase density, traffic, and safety issues, placing burdens on local services and will radically change the character of the Butte forever.


The Butte has long been held up as an example of reasonable, right-sized development.  Even Visit Bend describes Awbrey Butte as a neighborhood where; “Most lots in this section of Bend are an acre or more and landscaped with native plants and mature trees, creating a natural, forested feel while providing a home for wildlife. Residents can enjoy waking to the sight of deer nibbling on the grass in the distance and the sound of birds chirping overhead.”


Does the massive 49,000-square-foot, 55-foot structure really fit next door to a 25-foot-high residential home?

We need to get the word out and encourage Bend residents to voice their opposition to this oversized development. If you would like to get involved, please click here to add your name. Donations are also urgently needed now to help fund:

  • Costs for legal representation to challenge the developer’s application
  • Printing and mailing postcards to drive awareness of Bend residents
  • Printing road signs informing drivers of the development
  • Additional engagement efforts to raise awareness

If you can help us through a donation, no matter the amount, please visit our GoFundMe page. Thank you for your support!

The City of Bend has zoned this plot of land for ‘commercial convenience’. However, mixed-use doesn’t mean it needs to be oversized, unreasonable development. What do we believe is reasonable?

  1. Providing our community with housing that doesn’t adversely impact the surrounding neighborhood, the environment, and the broader community.
  2. Two-story structures with a density that doesn’t greatly exceed the surrounding area by more than 3-4x (times).
  3. Small-scale mixed-use property that serves the local community, not one that is designed simply to generate profits, drive traffic, generate noise, generate more emissions, and create safety issues.

We are a grassroots organization of community members who live in and love Bend. We welcome development and approve of reasonable, right-sized development on the Butte and on this 1-acre lot.


We are highly motivated and self-funded. We plan to make our voices heard and fight every step of the way for right-sized development on the Butte and across Bend.



Awbrey Butte needs your support. Add your name to the movement​.

News & Updates

Stay up to date with the latest news and updates. Click on the section headings to read more.

As you may have seen in the news, the Compass Corner Hearings Officer has recommended that the City deny Hotel Management’s application. 

But don’t get too excited about the denial, because it appears to be based on non-compliance with three Bend Development Code requirements that can be appealed and/or overturned:

  1. “BDC 3.1.200(D), Lot, Parcel and Block Design, Street Connectivity and Formation of Blocks”;
  2. “BDC 3.1.400(J), Vehicular Access Management, Vertical Height Clearance”; and,
  3. “BDC 3.4.200(J), “Transportation Improvement Standards”.

If you want to look at the Hearing Officer’s report, you can find it by clicking this link:

Should the denial be overturned or Hotel Management appeals, the fight must and will continue for reasonable development.

The comment period has ended for the Compass Corner PLSPR20230532 Site Plan Review. You can find the official notice at

If you would like to view the application status or the actual application components (e.g., 95-page narrative, and supporting architectural and engineering drawings), click here: 

The development application is currently in an INCOMPLETE status but is still moving forward.

On December 26, 2023, the city issued the developer a “Notice of Incomplete Application” (NOIA) because certain information was not provided and/or clarification was needed for several application components. Until the information is submitted, and once again reviewed by the city for completeness, the application will stay in the INCOMPLETE status.  

If you would like to know what additional information the city is waiting for, you can view the contents of the NOIA letter at: 

We now have 2 detailed renders illustrating the size and scale of the proposed development, and how it sharply differs from the existing buildings in our community. Click here and here to see what we’re up against.

Join the Movement

With your support we can save Awbrey Butte from oversized development.